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Published:January 11th, 2010 10:24 EST
Doggies Flee To New York To Escape Paris Hilton

Doggies Flee To New York To Escape Paris Hilton

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The first batch of homeless Chihuahuas will be arriving in New York from Los Angeles today. (As you may recall, Paris Hilton`s fascination with the breed a few years back led a big bunch of California residents to adopt Chihuahuas, but many of them were abandoned when the fad passed.)" Read More

Paris Hilton will have a lot of "splanin` to do" when she meets her Maker. The clueless celeb popularized homemade sex taps and the "no panties" look. We won`t even mention her god-awful movies and albums that led many to question the existence of God.

But perhaps Paris Hilton`s greatest sin was to popularize the Chihuahua as accessory fad that led many brainless twits to adopt and subsequently to abandon the cute little critters.

Many of these abandoned doggies have been taken from the Golden State to New York where they will be placed in loving families.

I bet there are many people who would love to flee LA and Paris Hilton, I`m sure they would relocate anywhere in the world including Siberia.

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