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Published:January 14th, 2010 21:01 EST
Madonna's Sticky & Sweet DVD, CD Due In March

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet DVD, CD Due In March

By Robert Paul Reyes

U.S. pop star Madonna`s `Sticky & Sweet` concert is to be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and CD, it was announced Wednesday by Live Nation.

The recorded version of the show, shot in Buenos Aires over four days, will become available March 30."


This is great news for Madonna`s legions of fans who can`t seem to get enough of the Material Girl. I may buy the CD, but I will pass on the DVD, that way when I hear her songs I can imagine the beautiful Madonna from the 80`s, and not the middle-aged woman who dresses and acts as if she`s still a teenager.

I have a couple of suggestions for Warner Brothers Records, for God`s sake don`t release the DVD in HD format. Madonna is scary-looking enough on regular TV, but in HD her wrinkled face and hands will scare the Bejesus out of her fans.

And delete any concert footage that shows Madonna dressed in her infamous purple leotards, most folks aren`t into granny porn.

Keep Rocking Madonna!

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