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Published:January 19th, 2010 18:41 EST
Baby Survives Encounter With Amy Winehouse

Baby Survives Encounter With Amy Winehouse

By Robert Paul Reyes

On the Internet you can find disturbing pornographic images and graphic photographs of accident victims that will give you nightmares for days, but nothing is more terrifying than this pic of Amy Winehouse holding a baby.

Amy Winehouse has a tenuous hold on reality, and even less control of her body. How can you have the coordination to walk and chew gum at the same time when you`re high as a kite?

I wouldn`t let Amy Winehouse hold my cell phone, let alone a cute little baby with a soft head. That looks like a shot glass to me, the troubled singer was probably downing shots of whiskey while holding the infant.

The mother should be charged with child endangerment for letting the crazy chanteuse hold her baby. Amy isn`t even looking at the baby, she`s more concerned about getting every drop of alcohol down her throat.

There are people watching this horrifying spectacle, and nobody called the police. Dear god, what a horrible, horrible world we live in.

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