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Published:January 21st, 2010 09:56 EST
Amy Winehouse American Idol Judge?

Amy Winehouse American Idol Judge?

By Robert Paul Reyes

This is Simon Cowell`s last season as an American Idol judge, and already folks are talking about who should replace him. I`ve heard many names mentioned from the sublime (Whitney Houston) to the ridiculous (Paris Hilton).

Cowell should be replaced by a fellow Brit, and Amy Winehouse immediately comes to my mind. I know what y`all are thinking: This man must be a crackhead and boozer like Winehouse.

Allow me to explain why the crazy chanteuse should replace Simon Cowell; I really am clean and sober.

American Idol fans are still pining over the departure of Paula Abdul, we loved Paula`s dingbat personality. It was a fun parlor game to try to guess if Paula was drunk, high on prescription drugs or just high on life. Winehouse is liable to show up on the set drunk or high on drugs, and her crazy antics would be a delightful reminder of Abdul.

But Winehouse can also be a mean drunk, just yesterday she pleaded guilty to assaulting a bartender who wouldn`t serve her any more drinks. On the days when Winehouse shows up for a taping drunk, she can be as mean and cruel as Cowell.

Winehouse can be as sweet and daffy as Abdul, and as vicious and snarky as Cowell. Winehouse would make a terrific American Idol judge, and I repeat I am clean and sober!

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