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Published:January 23rd, 2010 10:07 EST
Jon Cryer Fears Ex-Wife Has Hired Hitman To Kill HIm

Jon Cryer Fears Ex-Wife Has Hired Hitman To Kill HIm

By Robert Paul Reyes

Charlie Sheen isn`t the only "Two and a Half Men" actor with problems.

Sheen`s co-star, Jon Cryer, reportedly fears a hitman is after him, and that worst of all, he thinks his ex-wife is behind the plot.

According to, the FBI is currently investigating claims that the 44-year-old actor`s life is in danger."


Nobody would be surprised if a husband was trying to kill Charlie Sheen for sleeping with his woman. By his own admission Sheen has slept with countless prostitutes and groupies.

But Jon Cryer doesn`t have a flamboyant personality or a reputation as a womanizer, it`s surprising that anybody would ant to kill the unassuming actor. For God`s sake, who would want to off "Duckie" from "Pretty in Pink"?

In spite of Sheen`s marital problems and Cryer`s hitman spectacle, the show "Two and a half Men" continues to do very well in the ratings.

The only thing that could destroy this hit sit-com is if a hitman ices Cryer, "One and a Half Men", just doesn`t have the same ring.

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