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Published:January 24th, 2010 10:30 EST
Madonna Hits All The Right Notes At "Hope For Haiti" Telethon

Madonna Hits All The Right Notes At "Hope For Haiti" Telethon

By Robert Paul Reyes

Madonna performed at last night`s" Hope For Haiti Now" telethon and the old warhorse looked marvelous.

I shouldn`t refer to the queen of pop as a "warhorse", they shoot old horses, don`t they?

The Material Girl had the good sense to leave her trademark purple leotards in her closet, and the smarts to cover up her wrinkled hands with gloves.

Madonna was rocking her leather outfit, and thanks to her recent plastic surgery she looked like a younger version of herself.

Incidentally her voice has never been in better shape, girlfriend rocked the house! Check out Madge for yourself:

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