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Published:January 24th, 2010 11:50 EST
The End Of Brangelina?

The End Of Brangelina?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Google "Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Break Up" and you will get hundreds of hits. The buzz is all over the Internet that America`s fave celeb couple is calling it quits.

Bradd and Angelina were meant to be together, in fact in the eyes of the media and the public they have merged into one entity: Brangelina. Please say it aint` so!

Even though the couple never married they will need an army of lawyers to split their immense wealth. Nobody, except the slimy divorce attorneys, wants to to see this fairy tale couple go their separate ways.

Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the universe, but I would understand if Brad wants to leave her. After Brad`s had a tough day shooing away the hundreds of hotties who want to sleep with him, he wants to come home to peace and quiet -- not a freakin` orphanage. Every time that Angelina leaves their mansion, Brad prays and hopes that she won`t come home with another Third World baby.

Angelina Jolie is on the freaky side and she`s high maintenance, but those lips. My god, those lips! Let`s hope that Brad can find refuge from his six kids someplace in his mansion, and that he will stay with Angelina in spite of her quirkiness.

This intrepid pop culture columnist will keep you up to date with the latest Brangelina news.

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