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Published:January 27th, 2010 16:57 EST
Flaneur: The Magazine of Art and Other Nonsense

Flaneur: The Magazine of Art and Other Nonsense

By Ernest Dempsey

Flaneur is a short, illustrated British magazine of mainly humorous/satirical tidbits. The latest issue, the 3rd of the mag`s 2nd Volume, is 20 pages of eclectic, mainly surrealistic humorous shorts from writers across the globe " UK, Germany, Ireland, Pakistan, and US to name some. Individual entries in this volume are mildly satirical, not quite touching the lines of classic Juvenalian satire. Some are quite `coded` in terms of the message they carry and every second piece, or so, has a cultural tinge.


The variety in Flaneur is good and the desultoriness allowed through the lack of theme and style suits the taste for free expression that lies at the core of humor/satire in both classical and modern senses. This latest volume, however, is lacking in humorous/funny poetry " a notable absence indeed. The ending is especially attractive, mimicking the ad-filled pages of a traditional magazine, with ads that fit the latter part of the mag`s subtitle The Magazine of Art and Other Nonsense. 


Flaneur is still in infancy and has all the potential for growing into a classic humor publication. Given the general, often unexplained, shortage of humor magazines against the copious presence of other general-interest magazines and journals in the market, Flaneur has an advantage of providing a forum for those many witty souls who make laughter the truly best medicine. Right now, the lab is ready and chefs of humor and satire are invited to make the phenomenal Flaneur-Dessert. 


To learn more and place orders online, interested readers and writers can look at the magazine`s website Flaneur.