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Published:January 30th, 2010 08:38 EST
lindsay lohan machete

Yawn: Lindsay Lohan Topless In New Movie

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lindsay Lohan has gone topless in a movie for the very first time in her career - something that everyone should have seen coming given the abysmal state of her career in recent years. During a scene in her upcoming movie Machete, LiLo goes skinny-dipping." Read More

Lindsay Lohan has gone topless on magazine covers and on Twitter. In fact, google "Lindsay Lohan topless" and you will get close to half a million hits. But Lohan`s countless topless pics and crotch shots have failed to revive her moribund career. I will be adopted by Angelina Jolie before the pop tart gets a decent movie offer.

lindsay lohan macheteIn a desperate attempt to restart her movie career Lohan has gone topless in a flick for the first time in her career. A topless Lohan may garner the movie an R-rating, but it won`t sell many tickets.

I`m a heterosexual male, but I am sick of Lohan`s hooters, they are all over the Internet. The last thing on Earth I want to see is her bigger-than-life jugs on a movie screen.

It was good acting that made Lohan a star, and if the pop diva wants to revive her movie career she should give up the drugs and the booze and concentrate on her craft.

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