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Published:February 1st, 2010 13:29 EST
Michael Jackson's Kids Pay Tribute To Dad At Grammys

Michael Jackson's Kids Pay Tribute To Dad At Grammys

By Robert Paul Reyes

Music stars pull out all the stops and spare no expense to deliver unforgettable performances at the Grammys. This year`s musical extravaganza featured many fantastic performances including Pink hovering about the stage doing a trapeze act, singing, spinning and dripping wet. The Grammys is a no-lip sync zone, it`s remarkable that Pink was able to sing while doing her trapeze act.

Lady Gaga rocked the house, performing a medley of her hits that included a duet with Elton John.

But the most memorable and emotional moment was when the King of Pop`s children Prince Michael and Paris took to the stage to accept the lifetime achievement award on their dad`s behalf.

There were many tears shed that night, not only at the Staples Center where the event was held, but in millions of homes throughout the world.

Some critics complain that Jackson`s children were exploited to pump up the ratings, and that`s probably true. But it was good to see that Jackson`s kids are doing well months after the death of their father

Long live the King of Pop! Long live his children!

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