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Published:February 2nd, 2010 20:24 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse Throws Birthday Bash For Dionne Bromfield

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Singer Amy Winehouse recently threw her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield a celeb-filled party to celebrate her birthday.
The 26-year-old Rehab star threw the teen a party at the members-only Shoreditch House in East London.
Bromfield, who has turned 14, entered the packed party with her famous godmother, and guests included Winehouse`s dad Mitch as well as singers Lady Sovereign, Pixie Lott, Rachel Adedeji and Vanessa White."
amy winehouse

Sophie Eager/Monsters and Critics
I take exception to Eager`s characterization of the party as "celeb-filled", Lady Sovereign, Pixie Lott, Rachel Adedeji and Vanessa White might be household names in a handful of homes in the UK, but they are unknowns in the rest of the world.
Why on Earth did Bromfield`s parents let her attend a party hosted and organized by a crackhead? If I had a daughter who just turned 14, I wouldn`t let her be in the same zip code as Amy Winehouse.
Amy Winehouse will open a lot of doors in the music business for her young protege, but unfortunately Bromfield will pick up a lot of bad habits from her mentor.
The birthday girl was dressed too seductively for a girl who just turned 14, it should be obvious to everyone that Winehouse is a bad influence.
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