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Published:February 2nd, 2010 13:06 EST
paris hilton sweet girl

Paris Hilton: Threat To Humankind

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man from Long Beach, California is afraid of Paris Hilton. A guy named Ramiro Benitez filed for a restraining order against the hotel heiress, claiming she has threatened him `sexually, physically and financially.` Unfortunately for him, a judge has denied the request.

paris hilton sweet girlBenitez`s connection to Hilton is not clear or how they have met. It seems he doesn`t know her that much as he listed the 28-year-old socialite`s age as 30.

In the papers obtained by TMZ, Benitez claimed the harassment started in 1997. Details of his allegations were not clear. He also wanted the protective order to cover his 14-year-old son and 7-year-old niece."

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Benitez is a certified nut, the papers he submitted to the court were hand scribbled, and he doesn`t even know Hilton`s age. But that doesn`t alter the fact that Hilton does pose a threat to him, as well to the entire human race. America needs a restraining order against Paris Hilton, she should be exiled to Siberia.

I wouldn`t be afraid if the tiny socialite threatened me physically. If the pop tart punched me on the nose, at the most she might cause my nose to itch. But if she threatened me sexually, I would be terrified. If Paris came on to me, I wouldn`t be able to resist the wench, and God only knows how expensive my medical bills would be after that ungodly liaison.

Benitez may be crazy, but unlike many sane parents, at least he tried to protect his son and niece for Hilton.

May God protect this country from Paris Hilton!

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