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Published:February 2nd, 2010 13:21 EST
amy winehouse

Pic Of Amy Winehouse & Her Dad: Too Horrifying For Words

By Robert Paul Reyes


A picture speaks a thousand words, and this horrifying image speaks volumes of the depravity of Amy Winehouse.

Notice Mitch Winehouse`s weary expression, it`s his lovely daughter who turned his hair snow white. I doubt if Mitch`s hand ever made contact with Amy`s back, even he is repulsed by his own flesh and blood.

amy winehouse

Daddy Winehouse isn`t looking lovingly at Amy, he`s staring at the photographer. As if they say: Don`t begrudge me for making money off my daughter, think about all that I had to put up with.

Amy isn`t looking at her father, she appears to be deep in thought. God only knows what obscenities Amy is pondering!

This is not an endearing portrait of a father and his daughter. Father and daughter may be embracing, but there doesn`t seem to be a smidgen of warmth or filial affection.

Amy is sucking on her thumb, the crazy chanteuse is infamous for her infantile behavior. UFO tomfoolery, royal shenanigans and Amy Winehouse keeps the UK tabloids in business.

I hope my gentle readers will forgive me for foisting this ungodly photograph on them.

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