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Published:February 2nd, 2010 19:42 EST

Yaniv Moyal: Making the Grade

By Daniel Marsche


Put down your telescopes and simply glimpse into the Hollywood skies, and you will the see the shining, rising star of Yaniv Moyal.  The actor, who plays Alex, the sexy, Latin gardener in Tyler Perry`s ``Why Did I Get Married Too,`` is most certainly going to be drawing some flattering attention; professionally and most assuredly from a growing fan base.  The film, which is set for release on April 2nd, 2010, was, `` of the most magnificent experiences in my life,`` Yaniv says.


``Everything runs as smoothly as a machine...he sees everything...he`s magical,`` Moyal declares of Perry.  And then, with a detectable air of modesty and esteem, the actor shares an exhilarating moment after filming when the acclaimed director pulled him aside to say, `Good job, young man.` 


In addition to the thrill of working with Perry and appearing in a vehicle with such a star-studded cast, Moyal also had the privilege of working with the, ``...sensitive and compassionate,`` Tasha Smith, who just three and a half years prior was teaching Moyal in her acting classes.  ``She was the biggest influence on my transformation from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles...Tasha has the ability to do anything.  She`s funny; she`s fascinating, and she has this ability to make you search yourself.  And she was my teacher,`` Yaniv gushes.  But the journey from student to supporting role colleague did not progress as smoothly as this short paragraph may imply.


Yaniv is a Hollywood transplant from the theaters and television studios of Tel Aviv, and Moyal`s story begins in a tough neighborhood in Israel, a place where social hierarchy determined your status.  ``You either had to be the boss, or someone was the boss of you,`` he explains.  But Yaniv`s mother would hear nothing of such imposed, societal structures and advised her son that, `No one is your boss other than God.`  His mother, the actor advises, is his pillar and instilled within him the greatest qualities of his character. 


``She`s a very sassy and beautiful, happy spirit, and she would always say whatever she felt; good or bad,`` Yaniv explains.  ``All of my friends wanted to come to my house to be around my mother...She`s so confident, secure and strong, and, because of her, I can be all of those things.`` 


Confidence, security, talent and strength are most certainly a combination of assets that have aided Yaniv in his professional success.  Add to this a sense of integrity, and you have a dynamic personality whose work ethic and dedication are markedly visible in his performances.  Moyal`s emotional range is exquisite and remarkably natural in effect; a gift that bestows an evidential sense of genuine humanity upon the lives of the characters he portrays.  An outstanding example of this can be found in the movie ``Dying,`` an independent Israeli film wherein Moyal plays the role of an emotionally beleaguered drug addict.  Intensely moving, his depiction of the character is riveting, and the only thing more amazing than his performance is the fact that the scene was done in a single take. 


It was skill and experience that paved the way for Yaniv, and it was Israeli director, Eytan Fox, who served as the catalyst to his arrival in Tinseltown.  `Go to Hollywood,` the director advised, `and do what you have to do.`  And that`s exactly what the actor has done.  ``I love living in L.A.,`` Yaniv divulges, ``and I am so excited about my continued growth in the Hollywood scene...I love being a part of this industry.``


Since wrapping up ``Why Did I Get Married Too,`` Yaniv has busied himself with developing a sketch comedy and preparing to take on a role opposite Michael Madsen, the award winning actor who has made his mark in notable films such as ``Strength and Honor`` and ``Reservoir Dogs.`` 


``I have to play a villain,`` Yaniv reveals.  ``I have to play a villain opposite Michael Madsen, who has played notorious villains,`` the actor further explains emphasizing the challenge of his position.  But there is no reason to believe that he won`t pull it off.  Yaniv Moyal is, after all, no stranger to challenge.  In his own words, Yaniv advises:  ``No matter what your goals are...put everything you`ve got into can make it happen.`` 


Be sure to check out ``Why Did I Get Married Too`` in theaters April 2nd 2010. 


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