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Published:February 4th, 2010 15:32 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse Moving Back To Caribbean

By Robert Paul Reyes

Amy Winehouse has reportedly almost finished recording her new album and is set to fly out to Jamaica next week to put down the final touches. However, while she`s said to be planning a party-fuelled trip, her management and record label are keen to keep things on the straight and narrow. `She`s been told it`s not a party,` a source said, `she has to work.`" Read More

amy winehouse

In 2009 the crazy crooner spent almost a year in Lucia allegedly working on her new album. But the carefree chanteuse wasted most of her time frolicking on the beach, and hitting the many bars in the paradise island.

This time Winehouse is going to Jamaica to put the finishing touches on her new album. Hello? Can anyone say ganja? Jamaica is the last place in the world that Winehouse needs to go to if she really wants to finish her new CD.

Amy Winehouse going to Jamaica to get serious about working on her new album, is like Oprah Winfrey going to a Chinese buffet restaurant to listen to her "lose weight meditation tapes" on her iPod.

I hope Winehouse finally finishes her new record, so we can finally talk about her music and not her crazy antics.

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