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Published:February 4th, 2010 20:52 EST
paris hilton

Teen Bling Ring Burglars Targeted Paris Hilton Because She's "Dumb"

By Robert Paul Reyes


"US socialite Paris Hilton was burgled of over 1 million pounds worth of possessions by a gang after she left the key to her home under her doormat. And surprisingly Hilton didn`t notice she had been burgled for two months, Daily Mail online reported.

paris hilton Nick Prugo, who has since been arrested for his involvement in robbing celebrities, said Hilton had been their first target because they felt she was `dumb.". Read More

A burglar who lives in the vicinity of Hollywood, will seek to rob the homes of celebrities with a lot of bling and very few brains. Is it any surprise that the leader of a burglary ring selected Paris Hilton as his first target because she was so "dumb"?

Indeed, Hilton is so dumb that she left the key to her home under her doormat. She might as well have left a poster on her front door that read: Everything in my home is so hot! Help yourself to my bling and my sex tapes, but please don`t touch my sex toys.

How dumb is Paris Hilton? She didn`t notice that her home had been burgled for two months! Hello! Is anybody home?

The Bling Ring Gang also broke into the homes of Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan. Clueless wimps, one and all. I`d like to see them try to break into the home of Mel Gibson, he would blew them away straight to hell.

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