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Published:February 7th, 2010 15:16 EST
amy winehouse

Nightmare: Amy Winehouse Moves Into Your Neighborhood

By Robert Paul Reyes


"TROUBLED rocker Pete Doherty has been voted the UK`s least desirable celebrity neighbour.

Sky News reports The Babyshambles frontman edged out singer Amy Winehouse to the top spot in the survey by British real estate website" Read More

amy winehouse

In America Angelina Jolie would probably top the list, who the heck wants to live next door to a freakin` orphanage?

Pete Doherty deserves the number one ranking, he was recently fined for bringing heroin into court in his coat pocket.

Amy Winehouse will one day claim the top spot as the least desirable celebrity neighbor. When I lived in an apartment building, the pizza guy was always knocking on my door by mistake. The dude who lived in the apartment next to me was too lazy to leave his home, and he ordered pizza almost every night.

A person who lives next door to Amy Winehouse will have a different problem, drug dealers may knock on their door by mistake.

There would be nothing exciting or glamorous about having the crazy chanteuse living in your neighborhood. It would be nerve wracking to dodge paparazzi, groupies, druggies and assorted rif-raff every time you leave or enter your home.

I`m glad that there`s a huge body of water that separates me from Amy Winehouse, I don`t even want to live in the same country as the crazy crooner

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