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Published:February 7th, 2010 09:15 EST
amy winehouse

Pop Tart Amy Winehouse Wants To Get Rid Of Blake Tattoo

By Robert Paul Reyes



"Amy Winehouse wants to get rid of her tattoo". She had a tattoo written Blake, which she doesn`t want anymore." Read More

It looks like Amy Winehouse has finally given up on the insane idea of reconciling with her junkie ex-husband.

amy winehouseThe troubled singer needs to hook up with a gentleman who will keep her on the straight and narrow, the last thing she needs to do is get back together with her drug-addled ex.

If Winehouse got a tattoo of every man and woman she had a relationship with, she would look like a sideshow tattoo lady.

Let`s keep our fingers crossed that the next time Winehouse gets a tattoo, it will be of a clean-cut young man.

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