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Published:February 8th, 2010 13:15 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse Ain't No Mother Teresa

By Robert Paul Reyes

"London: Her public image is that of a troubled celebrity battling numerous addictions, but singer Amy Winehouse is more of a `Mother Teresa` in real life, says her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield

The singing sensation said that there are quite a few home truths about her `lovely auntie` that nobody knows about, reported Daily Mail online.

`Auntie Amy makes the best food ever. It`s her Jewish side, she really can cook. She makes the best meatballs ever. She is like a proper housewife, if you know what I mean,` said the 14-year-old." Read More

Amy Winehouse has managed to tarnish her reputation beyond redemption, not even a team of public relations experts can salvage her career.

But Amy`s young protege, Dionne Bromfield, is doing her best to paint her godmother is the best possible light. Dionne, God bless her soul, tries her best, raving about her "lovely auntie`s" delicious meatballs. Winehouse could be a gourmet cook, and that wouldn`t make the public forget about her drug and alcohol addictions. I`m sure that in her circle, Amy is famous for rolling the best joint, not for her mouth-watering meatballs.

Dionne knows on which side her bread is buttered, but comparing the troubled singer to Mother Teresa is a bit too much. Amy has lived a hard life and she may resemble Mother Teresa physically, but please...

Amy Winehouse a "proper housewife?" Yeah right, and I`m a proper gentleman who never makes fun of celebs.

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