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Published:February 20th, 2010 13:14 EST
adam lambert

Shame On American Idol's Adam Lambert For Wearing Fur! PETA Where Are You?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"During a recent interview with BLI in the Morning, American Idol runner up Adam Lambert was asked if he was opposed to fur.

Lambert: `I know this is the most un-pc way to put it but I didn`t kill the thing so I don`t see why I can`t wear it.`

adam lambert

BLI In The Morning co-host Randy: `I love fur too. I mean, really, I eat cow!`

Lambert: `You know, we eat meat. I don`t like cruelty to animals obviously, anything that can be done to prevent that but I think fur looks great.`" Read More

Adam Lambert is a very talented singer, and a caring person, he personally delivered supplies to the music department of a needy school. But the American Idol star shows no respect or concern for animals.

A shock jock asked Lambert if he was opposed to wearing fur. Lambert answered: I didn`t kill the thing so I don`t see why I can`t wear it. Animals aren`t things, mink are creatures who should be treated humanely. They shouldn`t be killed just so that a vain and vacuous celeb can wrap himself in their fur.

Lambert is a performer and a budding fashion icon, a lot of young kids follow his lead when it comes to fashion. Lambert seems to be oblivious that his pro-wearing fur stance will result in the death of thousands of animals.

I plead with Lambert`s fans not to wear fur, the smart fashionista wears faux fur!

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