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Published:February 22nd, 2010 11:50 EST
lady gaga

Lady Gaga Walking Tightrope Between Sanity And Insanity

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Nearly naked and swathed in chainmail as she grabs lewdly at her crotch, Lady GaGa strikes a predictably demure pose.

lady gagaBut behind the scenes of this Q Magazine photo shoot, the singer`s behaviour was equally bizarre.

She left onlookers bemused by bursting into tears halfway through and saying: `I`m just not in a good place right now.`

GaGa had earlier infuriated the Q`s photographers with her exacting demands for the shoot which took place at London`s Mayfair Hotel." Read More

Lady Gaga is always "in character", she wears her outlandish costumes not only on stage, but to the grocery store as well. It`s emotionally draining to always be "in character", and it`s taking its toll on Lady Gaga.

It`s one thing to be a diva on stage, it`s quite another to behave like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Lady Gaga is a workaholic, and once her concert tour is over she should take a long break. It would be a disaster if a singer/songwriter with so much promise has a mental breakdown.

Lady Gaga feels that she most always top her last crazy antic, and that`s just too much pressure on her. It`s not enough for Gaga to pose topless, she must wear Freddy Krueger type gloves and grab at her crotch.

To her credit, Lady Gaga apologized for her diva on crack behavior. Let`s hope that Lady Gaga doesn`t go trainwreck like Amy Winehouse.

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