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Published:February 24th, 2010 14:08 EST
bristol palin

Bristol Palin To Appear On Reality Show

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin`s daughter Bristol has agreed to appear on a reality show despite her mother`s well-documented objection to reality.

In agreeing to appear on the ABC Family series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Bristol is breaking with family tradition, Gov. Palin said: `We Palins don`t like reality. It`s not our thing.`" The Borowitz Report

bristol palin

Sarah Palin finally admitted that she`s not in touch with reality. Reality is definitely not Palin`s thing, the former Governor of Alaska lives in an unreal world where she can see Russia from her back porch, and where Obama is a socialist who is undermining the foundations of our democracy.

I find it interesting that Palin isn`t into reality shows, her life is a reality show. During the 2008 presidential campaigned she crisscrossed the country with her husband and children in tow. The Palin brood was constantly on TV, and we learned more about them than we ever wanted to know.

In my humble opinion Bristol Palin has the potential to be a TV star. Bristol is a round faced hottie, who oozes simple Wasilla charm, I predict the pudgy cutie will do very well. I just hope all her success doesn`t go to her head, and she decides to run for president in a few years.

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