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Published:February 24th, 2010 15:02 EST
american idol

Kara DioGuardi Utters The "B" Word On American Idol

By Robert Paul Reyes

Allow me to preface my remarks by stating that I am not a conservative, I`m a proud liberal from San Francisco who believes that marijuana and prostitution should be legalized.

kara"The Office" and "American Idol" are the only two network shows that I watch on a regular basis. I love the irreverent and subversive humor of "The Office" and I like the wholesome family appeal of "American Idol".

I am not disturbed by full-frontal nudity, sex or profanity in Hollywood movies or TV programs for adults, but I was offended by Kara DioGuardi`s casual use of the word "bitch" on last night`s "American Idol" show.

American Idol appeals to all generations; I know many homes where the entire family watches Idol together. Kara should reserve the use of profane words for appearances on the late night comedy shows, and she should be mindful of her language when she`s on a show that is viewed by millions of children.

Kara is a gifted songwriter and an insightful judge, but she`s a poor role model for the younger generation.

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