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Published:February 25th, 2010 22:51 EST

Shocking Video Of Octomom's Wild & Crazy Appearance On "The View"

By Robert Paul Reyes


I have seen many disturbing videos on YouTube, but the clip of Octomom`s appearance on "The View" made my blood boil, my skin creep, and my heart race.

It made my blood boil because a segment dedicated to the serious subject of fertility treatments shouldn`t showcase a nut like Octomom. "The View" should bring Nadya Suleman back only if they do a show on abnormal psychology.


It made my skin creep because Octomom has the creepiest laugh this side of hell. Hillary Clinton`s cackle sounds like a soothing symphony compared to Octomom`s demonic shrieks of laughter. Octomom laughed throughout her appearance, usually for no reason whatsoever.

It made by heart race because Octomom`s laughter combined with Whoopi and the rest of her posse talking at the same time is enough to drive anyone bonkers. I may sound sexist, but having these old birds yakking at the same time, is too much for any man.

If you think I`m exaggerating, watch if you dare this video:

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