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Published:March 2nd, 2010 20:38 EST
Elliott Yamin Stranded In Chile, Running Out Of Diabetes Supplies

Elliott Yamin Stranded In Chile, Running Out Of Diabetes Supplies

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Former American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin told Fox that he`s fearing for his health, as he`s running out of medical supplies to treat his Type 1 diabetes while he`s stuck in the earthquake-ravaged Chile. `I only packed enough insulin supplies for my pump to last a couple more days, so I`m starting to worry,` he told Fox. `I don`t know how long we`re going to be here. This country isn`t very keen on insulin pumps; supplies for my pump are running low.`"


Yamin hasn`t garnered this much press since he was a finalist on American Idol. It`s bad enough that Yamin was doing a gig in Chile of all places, but to be stuck there and running out of diabetes supplies is horrible.

Yamin keeps his fans informed about all of his trials and tribulations on Twitter, hopefully he will soon tweet that he was able to get insulin. It won`t be easy for Yamin to find some insulin, the hospitals and pharmacies are full of critically injured patients.

Yamin wasn`t one of my fave American Idol performers, but he seems to be a genuinely nice guy, and I sincerely wish that he will be able to leave Chile very soon.

Yamin, you have many fans in the states, and I`m sure you are in their thoughts and prayers.

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