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Published:March 7th, 2010 20:28 EST
ellen degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres Goes Diva On American Idol Set

By Robert Paul Reyes

"New American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres says the lighting that American Idol uses makes her come off as old, reports the Enquirer. Apparently, upon viewing herself in HD on Idol, she noticed that the close-ups used by the camera crew to show the expressions of the judges revealed `crow`s feet` and wrinkles around her eyes."

ellen degeneres

I have news for the 52-year-old DeGeneres, she looks old because she is old. Ellen`s appeal has never been her physical attractiveness, her fans could care less about her crows feet. The Idol judge is beloved by her fans because she`s witty and smart.

Unfortunately, the comedian is also vain, and that will cause many not to embrace her in her new role as a judge on American Idol. The prima donna brought in her own lighting crew from her daytime time show so she wouldn`t look like such an old hag.

The American Idol producers acquiesced to this outrageous display of vanity, they should have kicked her to the curb. DeGeneres could truck in twenty lightning crews, and she would still look like a witch compared to Kara DioGuardi.

Allow me to play judge for a moment. Ellen, your strengths are your wit and the empathy that you have for the contestants. You were never a beauty queen, and you certainly won`t pass for one at 52 freakin years old. Stop acting like such a prima donna!

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