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Published:March 11th, 2010 14:14 EST
amy winehouse

Hot Mess Amy Winehouse To Launch Fashion Line

By Robert Paul Reyes

Troubled singer, Amy Winehouse, has decided to align herself with the UK-based label Fred Perry -- creating her own line of fashion that will be available in Fred Perry boutiques later this year.

amy winehouseWhen I think of Amy Winehouse, "haute couture" isn`t the first word that comes to mind. The crazy crooner may be a gazillionaire, but she looks like a crackhead who has just spent two hours on her knees in a crackhouse searching for a rock of crack.

Most of the images of Winehouse that you can find on the Internet show her sporting ratty ballet shoes, skanky halter tops, ridiculously short skirts, and a generally disheveled appearance.

Who the heck would buy clothes inspired or designed by Amy Winehouse? Prostitutes and crackheads may fancy the Winehouse look, but they can`t afford designer wear.

I urge fashionistas everywhere to boycott Fred Perry for bestowing such an honor on such a horrendous role model.

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