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Published:March 11th, 2010 20:08 EST
betty white

It's An Evil Hoax, Betty White Isn't Dead

By Robert Paul Reyes


"There are some people who you just shouldn`t mess with, and one of them is `Golden Girls` goddess Betty White. In the wee hours of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, a dastardly hoax was perpetrated in the comments area of popular gossip blog Oh No They Didn`t, where a screen-shot of a fake TMZ article was posted claiming the actress had died.

betty white

How`d she perish? The faux article said it was a mixture of drug abuse and foul play." Read More

Betty White is an American institution, she`s an icon and a living legend. Only someone who has a death wish would start a rumor that the beloved actress had died of drug abuse and foul play.

You don`t spit in the wind, you don`t tug on Superman`s cape, you don`t make fun of the way Mike Tyson`s talks (at least not to his face), and you don`t make fun of America`s favorite grandmother. The elderly actress doesn`t pack much of a wallop, and she`s much too sweet to hurt anyone, but her fans are ready to tear limb from limb the monster who started the rumor.

If the perpetrator of the dastardly hoax is ever found out, he`d better move to North Korea or someplace else where nobody has ever heard of Betty White.

Betty White is not dead! Betty White is alive and well, and she`s going to host Saturday Night Live May 8!

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