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Published:March 16th, 2010 22:40 EST

Elvis Presley Spotted in Vegas

By Will Roberts


Well, today started off as a slow news day. Then as the day went on it still was not moving very fast. The worst thing to happen to a reporter is to have nothing to report. Some media folks will throw themselves out in front of a moving car if it is too slow.

Elvis Presley

Well, just as I was on the way into work, I GOT THE STORY, and ...with no harm caused in the process. I am lucky enough that my way into work provides me with the best concentrated view of Las Vegas, the "in a nut shell" viewing of what Vegas is all about.


Viva Las Vegas with you neon flashin`And your one armbandits crashin`All those hopes down the drainViva Las Vegas turnin` day into nighttimeTurnin` night into daytimeIf you see it onceYou`ll never be the same again!

You aint visited Las Vegas unless you have the picture to prove it or an Elvis sighting, ENJOY! Viva Las Vegas!

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