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Published:March 16th, 2010 18:04 EST

Jesus Luz Must Marry Madonna To Be Considered A Real Man

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Madonna`s boyfriend Jesus Luz has compared their long term relationship to a `marriage` - insisting he already feels like a father-figure to the pop star`s kids.

madonnaThe 51-year-old singer began dating Luz in December 2008 after the pair met at a W magazine photoshoot weeks before her divorce from director Guy Ritchie was finalized.

He says, `I consider myself a married man. I have a family. At my age, my father was married, my mother gave birth to me when she was 15.`"

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Madonna no doubt has a different perspective on their relationship. Madge considers Jesus a loveable goofball she can have fun with, until she marries again to someone who is as successful as Sean Penn or Guy Ritchie.

Jesus may feel like he is a father-figure to the pop diva`s children, but again I`m persuaded the children have a different perspective. They look upon Jesus as some dude Mom hired to play with them when he isn`t playing with her.

It`s nice that Jesus feels like he is married to Madonna, but you can`t take "feelings" to the bank. If Jesus wants to strike it rich, he needs to convince or cajole Madonna to marry him. If he breaks up with Madonna now, at best he will get a few thousands in palimony.

The only way Jesus can prove he isn`t just a clueless hunk, is by marrying Madonna.

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