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Published:March 18th, 2010 13:09 EST
lady gaga

Boy George Politely Declines To Sign Lady Gaga's Love Box

By Robert Paul Reyes

 "Singer Lady Gaga asked Boy George to sign her vagina when they met before a gig.The 23-year-old performer got to meet George backstage after one of her shows where he received the strange request." Read more

If Lady Gaga was trying to shock Boy George, I`m sure she failed miserably. Boy George is no stranger to scandal and controversy, and he could teach Lady Gaga a thing or two about grabbing headlines with eccentric behavior.

lady gaga

I would have readily agreed to sign Lady Gaga`s vagina, if only to see if she really has one. I would have sold the pen I used to sign Lady Gaga`s love box on eBay.

I doubt if Lady Gaga would really let the Boy sign her goodies, she was only bluffin` with her muffin`.

Boy George doesn`t roll that way, he would be much more eager to sign Adam Lambert`s private parts.

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