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Published:March 18th, 2010 17:59 EST
lady gaga

Clueless Parents Complain About Lack Of Warnings At Lady Gaga Concert

By Robert Paul Reyes


"PARENTS of young pop fans are seething after raunchy on-stage outbursts from shock-rocker Lady Gaga.

lady gagaAfter the singer strutted in a skimpy outfit and asked fans to `get your c--k out`, parents who took their kids to the show have called for warning classifications for pop shows.

`You may have heard I have a massive d--k,` Gaga said, referring to rumours that she is a hermaphrodite." Read More

Lady Gaga sashays down the street sans pants, and on occasion wears a dress festooned with condoms. Any parent with have a brain won`t expect Gaga to be a model of decorum when she`s on the stage performing.

Gaga has made it clear that she`s on a mission from God to push the envelope, fashion-wise, sexually, and every which way. I wouldn`t be surprised if for an encore Lady Gaga humped every member of her band.

Linda Fitzsimmons took her daughter Jessica, 9, to a Lady Gaga concert, and then complained when the pop diva engaged in her usual shenanigans. Get real lady! Did you expect Lady Gaga to say: Please take your Bibles out, and let`s kick things off with a reading from Scripture?

Is Fitzsimmons going to be shocked a couple of years later when she discovers Jessica with a bag of weed that doesn`t have a warning label?

Lady Gaga is a gifted performer, and I can understand why she sells out venues all over the world. But only a half-wit would take a 9-year-old girl to a Lady Gaga concert.

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