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Published:March 20th, 2010 09:54 EST

Amy Winehouse Has A Knack For Being Annoying

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amy Winehouse has apparently been annoying her new neighbours, due to her loud arguments.

This month the `Back to Black` star moved into her new pad in Camden, but her constant rows with Blake Fielder-Civil are not going down well with other residents in the area." Read more

Amy Winehouse leaves her windows open when she`s chatting on the phone with her ex-husband, and her poor neighbors are exposed to the obscenity-laced tirades she unleashing on him.

Amy`s hapless neighbors should be thankful for small favors, at least she doesn`t have her phone on speaker. I`m sure that Blake`s end of the conversation is also filthy and profane.

I find some people annoying only when they talk with me, but some individuals have the knack of always being annoying. It doesn`t matter what Amy is doing, even if it`s just breathing, she is the most annoying celeb in the world.

Amy`s neighbors should fight fire with fire! Everytime that the troubled singer leaves her windows open while she`s screaming at Blake, they should blast a recording of an American Idol reject crooning one of her songs.

I pray that Amy Winehouse never moves into my neighborhood, in fact I hope she never moves to America.

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