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Published:March 21st, 2010 09:57 EST
michael jackson

Michael Jackson's Syringe To Be Auctioned

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Just when you think you have seen it all something else is bound to surprise you. Jackson`s needle, the one that allegedly administered the fatal shot, is set to be auctioned off starting at five million dollars on the anniversary of his death.

michael jacksonLegal issues have come to the forefront, but the owner has taken every precaution. He has checked with his owners to insure that he is the rightful and legal owner of the syringe. He also has checked into places that he can sell it without infringing on legal issues. It appears that on June 25, 2010 he might have to sell it in Brazil or Libya."

When Michael Jackson was alive scandal, controversy and weirdness seemed to constantly surround him. Now that the pop legend is dead nothing has changed, everything from Michael Jackson`s signature white glove to a lock of his hair has been put up for auction.

But this latest strange news really takes the cake, and it makes you wonder how low will some people go to make a buck (or a hell of a lot more) off of the King of Pop.

This could be one of the biggest scams of all time, who is to say that the genuine item is up for auction? For all we know it could be a syringe used by Amy Winehouse to inject an illegal substance. And we all know that a Winehouse syringe and two bucks might get you a cup of coffee.

This is a very sick and disgusting enterprise, and I hope that whoever buys the syringe of dubious provenance will get pricked and be smitten with a deadly disease.

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