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Published:March 24th, 2010 20:27 EST

The Real World's Puck & Son Injured In Car Accident

By Robert Paul Reyes


"David Rainey, much better known as Puck from The Real World`s seminal San Francisco season, remains hospitalized and unable to speak after getting into a serious car crash with 8-year-old son Bogart in San Diego last Friday.

puck`The initial fear was that Bogart was in worse shape and may not live, but he has fully recovered and back home as of today," rep Michael Martin told E! News.

`Puck is in much worse shape and still in the hospital and can`t even speak." Read more

David Rainey is the template for obnoxious reality stars like the Kardashians, and too many others to mention. Puck`s antics made "The Real World" Must See TV on what now seems ages ago.

Puck was a bicycle messenger from hell, he delighted in practical jokes like leaving boogers in his housemates` sandwiches.

It`s hard to feel sympathy for a guy like that, but he`s in bad shape and we should keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Puck can`t even speak right now, I`m sure that his cast members on "The Real World" are wondering why he couldn`t have been mute in 1994 during the filming of the seminal reality show.

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