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Published:March 26th, 2010 14:10 EST
lindsay lohan

Wasted Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Falls On A Cactus

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan tumbled into a prickly plant bush after over-enthusiastic paparazzi got in her way as she tried to enter a house party.

The 23-year-old actress was heading to party in Hollywood after a drinking session at a nightclub on Sunset Boulevard on Tuesday night when she fell into a `sharp` plant, reported Contactmusic.

lindsay lohan

The `Mean Girls` star didn`t hesitate to blame her high heels and photographers for the fall.

`Only I would get pushed into a large, sharp plant by crazy paparazzi!!! I need to start wearing more flats,` Lohan wrote on her Twitter page."

After carousing and drinking at a nightclub for hours most people would call it a night and head home. But after a drinking session at a club, Lindsay hadn`t even started to get her freak on, and she moved on to a house party.

On her way to the house party the pop tart stumbled, and fell on a cactus. At that point most sane folks would say: I really have to stop drinking so much, or at least stop wearing high heels when I`m drinking.

But of course the pop diva blamed the paparazzi, Tweeting: Only I would get pushed into a large, sharp plant by crazy paparazzi! You aren`t that special Lindsay, there are many drunk celebs who have stumbled in the presence of photographers.

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