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Published:April 1st, 2010 21:30 EST
tim urban

Tim Urban (Teflon Tim) Deserves To Be The Next American Idol

By Robert Paul Reyes

I love American Idol, and I can`t get enough of the over-the-top drama. There`s the epic rivalry between snarky judge Simon Cowell and the pixyish host Ryan Seacrest. Then there`s the gushing waterworks that is Didi Benami, before she belted her swan song, they showed her highlight reel. Of course, all the highlights depicted her bawling like a baby. She cried when she did well; she cried when she did poorly; she cried when other contestants were booted; basically she cried all the time.

tim urbanDidi Benami is history, and the Simon-Cowell feud is devolving into a farce, but thank goodness we still have the Tim Urban (Teflon Tim) drama.

Millions say they will stop watching American Idol if Tim Urban doesn`t get kicked to the curb, and millions more swear they will stop watching if he gets the hook.

Every week Tim Urban butchers a song, and every week the judges eviscerate him. Tim always accepts the harsh criticism with good grace, grinning like a college student who has a date lined up with skanky twins.

You have to admire Tim`s good spirit, and you can`t help but pull for him to win. I encourage everybody who loves an underdog, especially such a nice one, to vote for Tim Urban.

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