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Published:April 6th, 2010 12:51 EST

Madonna Is The Most Played Artist In The UK

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Madonna has been revealed as the artist whose recordings have been played in public in the U.K. more than any other over the past 10 years.

Madonna beat the Beatles into second place, with Robbie Williams at No. 3, Queen at No. 4 and Take That at No. 5."

I`m astonished that the Brits have so much love for carpetbagger Madonna. They should be running away from the ageing pop star with her fake British accent and her hideous purple leotards.
I`d be surprised if Madonna is the most played artist in the United States, most Americans are sick and tired of the Material girl`s sickening and futile quest to look young.
The English should be ashamed of themeselves, Madonna isn`t worthy to clean Paul McCartney`s toupee.
Madonna may be the most played artist in Britian, but she`s considered the most played out singer in The States.

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