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Published:April 7th, 2010 14:54 EST
tim urban

American Idol Miracle: Tim Urban Delivers Adequate Performance

By Robert Paul Reyes

Tim Urban`s performance is always the highlight of American Idol. Teflon Tim fails in such a spectacular way, that it`s fascinating to watch. Tim`s reggae rendition of the Rolling Stones` "Under My Thumb" will haunt me for the rest of my life.

tim urbanIt`s great sport to see if Tim can keep his smile on his face while being lambasted by the judges. Will Tim`s smile take him all the way to the top?

When Ryan Seacrest announced that Tim was going to sing the Beatles` "All My Loving", I didn`t think he would get much love from the judges. But Teflon Time shocked the judges and America with his serviceable rendition of the Beatles` classic song. The judges gushed over his performance, even Simon had kind words for the perennial bottom three finisher.

If Tim is capable of singing a song without butchering it, then there`s hope for all of us hacks. Maybe even I will one day write an essay that will be greeted with universal praise.

Teflon Tim`s smile, humility, good grace, and adequate vocals has won me over, I hope he`s the next American Idol!



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