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Published:April 15th, 2010 14:16 EST
sarah palin

Sarah Palin Gone Diva Wild!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"First-class commercial air travel for two or a private jet -- `must be a Lear 60 or larger` -- from Alaska to California and back. A deluxe hotel suite `registered under an alias.` And two unopened bottles of still water with `bendable straws.`

sarah palin

That`s what former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin wanted from a California state college foundation as part of her speaking agreement, according to a draft of a confidential contract allegedly lifted from a Dumpster by two students.

That a publicly funded college would consider spending money in this fashion sparked controversy. But that the speaker was none other than Palin has taken the flap to a whole new level."CNN

Sarah Palin has "earned" over 12 million dollars since quitting her job as Governor of Alaska. It`s pathetic that this gazillionaire bimbo is squeezing as many perks as she can for a publicly funded college.

Palin`s populist message appeals to hard-working middle-class families who can barely afford to stay at a Super 8 motel, but the failed vice-presidential candidate demands accommodations at a luxury hotel.

The conservative darling registers under an alias, she`d better write her fake name on the palm of her hand, or she will probably forget it.

Palin demands two "unopened" bottles of water, and a "bendable" straw. They should make things easy for the clueless celeb, and provide her with sippy cups.

Palin`s contract also requires that all audience questions be vetted. Heaven forbid that someone might ask a really hard question like: Sarah, who`s your favorite Supreme Court Justice? I doubt she could name one of them.

All these perks are on top of a reported $100,000 that Palin receiving for speaking at the college. At least she didn`t demand a new wardrobe for herself and her family.

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