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Published:April 16th, 2010 12:49 EST

Nude Performers Groped In MoMA Show

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Visitors to the Museum of Modern Art`s eyebrow-raising new exhibit have been getting a little too grabby with the show`s naked performers -- earning some the boot.


Female performers in Marina Abramovic`s `The Artist is Present` have complained about groping, while other models say they have been pushed, prodded and poked.

Without giving specifics, MoMA yesterday acknowledged it had had trouble with visitors stroking the live art.

The exhibit features 38 performers in rotating shifts of eight facing each other at a doorway or lying under a skeleton or posing in other pieces, mostly in the nude." Read more

As museum patrons walk between the two nude models facing each other, a few jokers just can`t resist touching or stroking the performers. This is the inevitable result when a museum stretches the definition of art to include nude models.

To get the full effect from a work of art, like a sculpture, sometimes it`s necessary to touch it. If the museum labels nude models as art, then the museum officials shouldn`t complain when idiots grope the naked performers.

This "art" isn`t drawing art lovers to the museum, it`s enticing the curious, the weird and the horny. Get real, this is New York City, what did the museum staff expect?

The publicity stunt is garnering MoMA a lot of headlines, but it`s damaging the reputation of the prestigious institution.

If I went to MoMA I would bypass the naked exhibit, there`s real art at MoMA to be appreciated, and there`s plenty of strip joints where it`s kosher to touch the naked performers.

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