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Published:April 17th, 2010 11:11 EST
Humorous Masterpiece by Architect Askin Ozcan, 'THE SECOND VENICE'!

Humorous Masterpiece by Architect Askin Ozcan, 'THE SECOND VENICE'!

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

An incredible, humorous masterpiece by Architect Askin Ozcan, which became Nr. 1 among the top rated books in ITALY MAGAZINE, can bring you substantial profits.

"THE SECOND VENICE" is the ludicrous story of a new, imaginary Venice, built by the consortium of Pshht Cola and McBigBite, beside the real Venice, after the Italian Government`s passing a law to limit the number of tourists to Venice, to protect this lovely City from pollution and destruction.

"THE SECOND VENICE" is a masterpiece in humor. It describes how this artificial replica of Venice comes into existence and the life in it.

In "THE SECOND VENICE ", all the important buildings in the real Venice have been faked as well as the canals, gondolas and the vaporettos. The paintings in the museums are the fake replicas of their originals.

On Piazza San Marco, a mosaic of a McBigBite hamburger sits proudly, and a huge Pshht Cola bottle stands like a Brancusi sculpture in front of the railway station Santa Cola!

Stories of thieves, spies, congresses of every kind, mix with the lively crowds of tourists from every corner of the world, who choose to visit THE SECOND VENICE for its lower prices! There is even a "Fake Films Festival" which takes place in it, every year, where the worst films from the world compete for a prize! The author has not neglected to write ten short scripts for ten films, competing in this festival!

Writer`s Digest has commented on the book, as "a humorous piece which doesn`t give a chance to the reader to be bored" and congratulates the author for his sense of humor and knowledge of Venice and architecture!

"THE SECOND VENICE" became, some years ago Nr.1 in Italy Magazine, among the "top rated books" surpassing Juvenal`s "Satires". It`s very positive and commending reviews appeared in News Italia Press (by Prof. Ralph Ferraro) , in The Compulsive Reader (by Ernest Dempsey); in; in; in; in Hurriyet Daily and in scores of newspapers and TVs.

Its sharp humor made many burst into laughter and yet made some angry as well, as there are also many sharp truths in it!

"THE SECOND VENICE" is a must read for those who have concern for Venice and for humor!

If sold in the pavillions of La Biennale Di Venezia and in the various activities of Carnevale Di Venezia and on the piazzas of Venezia and in its bookstores, it is bound to sell in substantial amounts and bring considerable profits to its sellers.

"THE SECOND VENICE" is sold as retail at 200 internet bookshops globally, including,,,,,,,  and can be ordered from 25.000 bookstores by giving its ISBN 1598000888 (Outskirts Press).

As wholesale, it is distributed by the world`s largest book distributor