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Published:April 20th, 2010 13:26 EST
oprah winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Spitting Mad! Diva Refuses To Take DNA Paternity Test

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Oprah Winfrey yesterday got spitting mad when asked if she would undergo DNA testing to learn the identity of her biological father.

oprah winfrey`I will not be taking a paternity test, ever!` the usually unflappable talk-show queen snapped to The Post outside the Four Seasons hotel in Manhattan.

Norh Robinson, an 84-year-old Navy vet who lives in a VA hospital, had told The Post over the weekend that he is the billionaire superstar`s real father.

He is from Kosciusko, Miss., the sleepy rural town that Winfrey ditched at age 6."

If you want to witness Oprah Winfrey explode in anger, just ask her if she`s going to take a DNA test to learn the identity of her biological father. Ask the diva if she`s lesbian, or how much she weighs -- just don`t mention anything about taking a DNA test.

Oprah has come a long way form Kosciusko, and she doesn`t want to be reminded of her poverty-stricken childhood. Norh Robinson, a dying 84-year-old man may be her biological father, but Oprah doesn`t care if he dies without having her admit that he is her father.

The dying old man sent a letter to the talk show queen several years ago, begging her to take a DNA test. Robinson, who is poorer than a church mouse, even offered to pay for the paternity test. But the gazillionaire celeb never responded to Robinson`s heartfelt letter.

Shame on Oprah Winfrey!

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