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Published:April 20th, 2010 17:05 EST

The Glee Madonna Album Tops The iTunes Album Chart

By Robert Paul Reyes

Combine the latest hit television show and a perennial pop star, and what do you get? The top spot in iTunes, if you`re Glee and Madonna. The eight song opus officially entitled `Glee - The Music, the Power of Madonna` has topped all other digital albums on the day of its release.


I`m not surprised Glee did Madonna, who hasn`t?

The gay-friendly Glee and Madonna with her legion of gay fans are a natural fit. You don`t have to be gay to enjoy the Glee album, I imagine that even homophobes won`t be able to keep their feet still while listening to these great Madonna songs as interpreted by the Glee cast.

The Fox Network`s Glee is so hot, that if the Glee kids released an album of songs from the Lawrence Welk Show it would be a hit.

If you haven`t joined the digital revolution, start by downloading this terrific album. Become digitally hip and a Gleek at the same time!

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