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Published:April 21st, 2010 19:09 EST
snoop dogg

Snoop Dogg: Gangsta Guru Is A Transcendent Figure

By Robert Paul Reyes

April 20 (420) is the High Holy Holiday of pot smokers all over the world, it`s like Christmas, New Year`s Day and Halloween all rolled up in one.

snoop doggWhen it`s 4:20 pm on that consecrated day, it`s like an orgasm, an epiphany and a harmonic convergence. To answer your question, I`m not smoking weed right now, it`s not unusual for my writing to be over the top.

The High Holy Priest of the religion of weed is Snoop Dogg, the Doggfather has the same beatific smile you see on the visages of the saints of the Roman Catholic Church.

Listening to Dr Dre`s "The Chronic" featuring Snoop Dogg while smoking a blunt is a transcendent experience that will blow your mind.

Everyone`s fantasy is to spend April 20 chilling with Snoop Dogg, but the rapper isn`t omnipresent -- at least I don`t think he is.

But now it`s possible for all of God`s children to fellowship every April 20 with the enlightened being.

"In Snoop`s mind, everybody`s ideal activity today would be to sit down and blaze one with the D-O-Double-G himself (he might not be wrong about that, by the way). But because he can`t get around to smoke with everybody (though he`d probably be willing to try), Snoop set up an amazing website that allows users to paste their photos over an avatar and sit in on an official Snoop chronic session."

I don`t know what I will be doing next Christmas, but I know what I will be doing next April 20. Fo shizzle! I`m going to sit in on an official Snoop chronic session.

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