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Published:April 24th, 2010 00:56 EST
tim urban

Good Luck To Tim Urban! He's No Sanjaya!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Tim Urban was kicked off American Idol at the end of the annual "Idol Gives Back" episode, which raises money for charities in America and throughout the world.

tim urbanBecause the episode ran 24 minutes past it scheduled two hours, Teflon Tim didn`t get one more opportunity to sing, and the highlights of his time on Idol ran during the closing credits.

Poor Tim never got much respect on American Idol, but he was still smiling as the credits ran.

Tim may not serve an as idol for aspiring singers, but he`s a good role model for everyone else. Tim was savagely criticized by the judges after most of his auditions, but not even the cruel words of Simon Cowell could wipe the smile from his face.

Tim taught us to face adversity with courage, humility and grace, and he will long be remembered by fans of American Idol.

A successful singing career may not be in Tim`s future, but his smile and his humility will take him a long way in life.

Goodbye Tim, good luck in your future endeavors.

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