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Published:April 25th, 2010 12:47 EST
kara dioguardi

Cougar American Idol Judge Kara DioGuardi A Joke

By Robert Paul Reyes

Kara DioGuardi is a songwriter, singer, record producer, music publisher, and a judge on the hit Fox show "American Idol".

kara dioguardiDioGuardi may have a songwriting catalog of several hundred songs, many of which have become hits, but she is best known as a judge on Idol.

As a talented singer and one of the most successful songwriters in history, I expected Kara to establish herself as the consummate professional and expert judge of talent on the long-running hit show. I thought Kara would provide concise and brilliant analysis and advice in counterpart to Randy`s "Yo, yo, yo dawg. Listen up. Yo, yo, yo! That was killer dawg."

On occasion Kara does dispense invaluable advice to the young contestants, but for the most part she is more concerned about preening in front of the cameras. The ageing cougar cares more about being perceived as a sex object, than she does about helping the contestants. Witness her nude pics that appeared in Allure magazine, and the sexy outfits she wears on the show.

It was cute when Kara wore a bikini to show up Bikini Girl, but it was pathetic when she coaxed hunky contestant Casey Jones to take off his shirt. Kara needs to tone down her cougar tendencies, she is setting back the cause of women`s rights, not to mention making a fool out of herself.

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