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Published:April 27th, 2010 12:40 EST
crystal bowersox

American Idol Top 6: Who's Going To Win?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Crystal Bowersox is clearly the judges favorite, but will she receive enough votes to be the next American idol? Here`s how her competition rates:

Michael Lynche may someday win a hot dog eating contest, but he doesn`t hold much appeal for the young kids who text in their votes. Maybe if he lost a hundred pounds, and learned how to dance...

crystal bowersoxAaron Kelly should be the next one to get the boot. I can see him as an extra in the gay-friendly Glee, but he`s not American Idol material.

Casey James has the looks and talent, but he seems to be getting a bit too complacent. If he takes it up a notch or two, he has a good chance of winning the whole enchilada.

Lee DeWyze has plenty of talent, but he has all the charisma of a wilted head of cabbage that`s been sitting in a dumpster for a few days.

Siobhan Magnus is my favorite, she`s got great pipes, a wardrobe that makes Lady Gaga green with envy, and girlfriend proudly flies her freak flag. The judges have been been very unkind to Siobhan recently, they must be afraid that`s she`s too looney to market successfully if she wins.

I`ll be happy if Crystal, Siobhan or Casey win -- they all have mad talent.


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