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Published:April 28th, 2010 12:45 EST

Siobhan Magnus: The Next American Idol?

By Robert Paul Reyes

I expected Aaron Kelly or Crystal Bowersox to deliver the standout performance on American Idol`s Country Week, featuring the songs of Shania Twain, but the big winner of the night was Siobhan Magnus.

siobhanSiobhan took on "Any Man of Mine", and the judges loved it. The judges have been unkind to Siobhan the last couple of weeks, but last night they showered her with superlatives.

Siobhan looked like a psychedelic punk cowgirl from Venus, but even blue-haired grandmas from Idaho were enthralled by her performance.

Kara DioGuardi gushed "Guess who is back -- Siobhan." Siobhan has never been away, a diamond always shines, and Siobhan always delivers a knockout performance.

Randy Jackson said, "I loved it. I loved the whole punk country look. I loved it, I loved it." Randy was so overcome with Siobhan`s performance that I don`t think he uttered his trademark "Dawg."

Ellen DeGeneres exclaimed, "Way to pull the Shania Twain into the station." Everybody was onboard the Siobhan twain last night.

The only judge who struck a discordant tone was Simon Cowell who compared Siobhan`s signature scream at the end of the performance to "someone giving birth." If that`s what a woman having a baby sounds like, I`m going to hang around a maternity ward to hear the beautiful symphony.

But snarky comment aside, Cowell praised Siobhan`s effort.

The American people are the judges who will have the final say, and I will move to Canada or Venus if Siobhan Magnus isn`t the next American Idol

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