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Published:April 30th, 2010 20:42 EST
Southland: A show about streetbabies

Southland: A show about streetbabies

By Andy Wright

If you`re like me, you`re sickened by the very idea of a new drama on TNT but you have to give them credit because they know how to get it done.  There is no better example of this than Southland, the new cop drama originally on NBC, once promoted as a show about streetbabies, which cancelled it and is now on TNT, owning mother f*ckers. 

TNT not only knows drama but also knows how to open doors to actors who have no business acting.  It`s really no mystery Holly Hunter wasn`t meant for anything but making motivational speeches to kids with speech and brain impediments.  But if you have a failure on your hands in need of resuscitation, pass the buck to TNT, they own mother f*ckers.

NBC had ER, and after that they`ve just lost touch with what people like in dramas and fear about the real world.  Or they lost touch long ago and the only reason ER lasted was because of fan loyalty and toleration.  However no mind to that conundrum, when Southland was being promoted, NBC wanted it to be about these babies uncontrolled and unsupervised known as streetbabies.  These babies were free to move wherever without limitation, often roaming streets normally occupied by gangs and other ruffians. 

The street is where these babies conduct their street business evading police and social workers wherever possible.  This is where the series picks up (leading one to believe a prequel spin off may have been in order to cover the origin of these streetbabies).  A brash new cop and some social workers trying to clean up the system, start to pick up on this streetbabie business and attempt to put an end to it; putting them out of business one block at a time.

However, this formula didn`t work and NBC had to cancel the show due to Jay Leno`s wishes.  Luckily, TNT saw potential in this show at least from the brash new rookie perspective and not so much about the streetbabies.  Forever the streetbabies will remain in limbo because the new format has found its audience and that audience is still too new and too delicate to try streetbabies on.